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As our intern returns to her studies in Belgium, she reflects on her time at Aajogo

This autumn we welcomed another intern from Howest University to Aajogo. Kiki worked with us for 3 months from September to December. This is what she learnt from her time with us.

Being an intern at Aajogo

I have been doing my internship in Aajogo for the last 3 months. Before I left Belgium I didn’t have any work experience in an IT company. As a student who is studying Computer Science, my only experience was school projects and programming in my free time.

I was expecting to have 3 months full of coding. My expectation turned out to be wrong. Working is more than that. Not only did I need to write code, but I also needed to do a lot of research and testing. I was also not used to having stand-up meetings and worse I never had a meeting with a client before! The first time was very stressful for me, but everyone was really friendly and it helped to calm me down.

Since September I have been doing different kinds of work. Creating a crossword demo, fixing bugs, researching Gutenberg, testing websites, etc. Working in a company has taught me something that I’ll never learn at school. Communication is very important in a company, I learned how to communicate with not only my colleagues, but also with the clients.

I really enjoyed my time in Aajogo and Cambridge. The people at Aajogo are very friendly and helped me a lot during my time in Cambridge. I got to celebrate my birthday and Christmas party with them which was very fun and surprising. Cambridge is 1 hour travelling on the train to London so I also got the chance to visit London a few times. To my surprise Mars launched a special version of Maltesers Truffle that’s only available in the UK.

After this joyful adventure I’m planning to finish my education first. Afterwards I’ll look for a job in Belgium. I hope I’ll be able to work in a company that’ll be as fun as Aajogo. I want to thank everyone from Aajogo for everything and I’ll definitely visit UK again.

It’s been great having Kiki with us for the last 3 months. We’ve tasked her with working on a number of different projects, and different areas of expertise; from JavaScript crosswords and investigating WordPress Gutenberg, to running test scripts. Kiki has completed all these tasks diligently, and has worked very well with the team, even participating in some client meetings with us. It will be sad to see Kiki go, but I’m sure she’ll make every success of her career in Belgium.